Accurate location of underground services can be as important as the recording of surface features. 360 Geomatics provides a service to precisely locate the underground services and provide accurate plans and digital data.

Underground services including water, gas and electricity mains, telecommunication and cable systems, oil and fuel pipelines, drains, sewers and all culverts, duct and tunnel systems can be traced by physical and electro-magnetic methods.

Where record drawings exist the information can be scanned, vectorised and converted to digital data. Where necessary, this information can be checked in the field and verified prior to conversion such that the final digital database includes all revisions, additions and alterations.

For building refurbishment or facilities management 360G can also provide the 2 or 3 dimensional building surveys with structural elements necessary as a base for the subsequent superimposition of all internal service information to result in a fully integrated database for designers and managers.