360 Geomatics offers a wide range of land surveying services. 360G produces maps, plans and digital ground models at scales of 1:50 to 1:1250. Techniques include volumetric calculations, 3D terrain models and map production.

Services also include the construction of permanent survey ground markers, transferring and recompiling existing survey data, traverse or network control and detail observation.

Data collection and processing is entirely digital from on-site capture using electronic total station instruments equipped with loggers through to the subsequent processing, editing and plotting using the latest computer techniques.

The expense of an accurate good quality survey should never be neglected. This may not become apparent until on-site construction is underway, possibly causing costly redesigns. For example drains without the correct fall or depths, extra material having to be brought into bring roads up to design level, etc.

The final presentation can be supplied in conventional ink drawn form on stable based transparent material and the industry standard AutoCAD dwg format, ready for immediate use as 2D or 3D computer models as required.