Engineering projects often require the  accurate co-ordination of many different components to construct a final  assembly. Existing structures require continuous monitoring for  movement when major works, such as tunnelling take place nearby. Modern  calibrated precise electronic survey equipment including precise digital  levels, digital extensometers and total stations with data logging  facilities achieve accuracies of +/- 0.001 metres. 

As-built  surveys provide the high accuracy information required to evaluate  final structures against design parameters and assessment of dimensional  integrity highlights remedial adjustment prior to assembly on site. 

Dimensional control can be applied to a variety of demanding tasks:

  •  Structures can be monitored to record movement caused by natural erosion or adjoining construction work.
  •  Components  can be surveyed before arrival on site to ensure alignment across the  interface between modules enabling accurate and efficient connections to  be made. 
  •  Process plant structures can be accurately measured prior to modification to ascertain variations from original design.
  •  Cladding can be manufactured to accurate physical site dimensions.